What is Protagonist Science?

The scientific method is one of the most important processes to understand in today’s technological age. Science is the protagonist in any story you will find here. Currently, Protagonist Science is mostly an outlet for independent science journalism and debunking of SARS-CoV-2 conspiracies. But we take it as we go along, right?

In the end, this endeavor is a long and slow love letter about finding the human element in our technological future.

Sometimes written, sometimes spoken, sometimes visualized. Never, ever not worth your time.

Scientific literacy as a superpower

Science and scientific knowledge should empower people and give them agency. Agency to question those in power, agency to challenge myth, manipulation, and magical thinking with a weight-of-evidence-based worldview.

Science as opportunity to shape the future

We think in narratives and live in mostly self-made fiction. All we really need is better stories, and those start by understanding the power of science for good.

The Protagonist future podcast is currently in conceptual stage, but will still take probably a year before it will get released.

Become a science protagonist

Not for me, I do not need you to subscribe or follow me.

I just write or speak because I cannot stand still when the world needs better options. My success is measured in you getting inspired and wanting to take action today to build towards a better tomorrow.

Attention is valuable. I only write sporadically every few months, and about topics that are worth your time.

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Science journalism, scicomm, and science fiction prototyping to bring science and society closer together.


Scientist-turned-science writer. Trying to equip citizens against anti-science conspiracy myths plaguing our information age. Also arguing for the human dimension in our technological future. Usually trying something new.