Dear Phillip,

Of ALL my remarkable discoveries on Twitter, today, Thanksgiving 2022, I found YOU and this most profound writing. It is what my mind has been screaming for 7 years or more. The Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of the authoritarian movement (..and the astounding related demographics and related social media influencers) became a searing example of the inability to define “truth”, to the detriment of humanity. I watch with fear and horror as things have played out.

Your writing has restored my sanity. I will share it as widely as possible and I would love to help with projects if my skills are of use. DM me for contact information. Patricia Berrini

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Thanks for the amazingly kind reply!

It has been a challenging time for sanity, but no bad lasts forever.

People like you, I, and many others who rapidly develop a type of social media literacy are part of what I call a growing "societal immune response" to our broken information sphere. So let's remain hopeful!

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